Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education:  Bold, Kind & Smart Students Solving Real World Problems  

Harvesting clean drinking water from humid air in the Marshall Islands, protecting children from leopard attacks in a Mumbai forest, converting a bicycle into a device to turn seawater into drinking water in Kenya, nurturing young authors and publishers in Barbados, incubating micro-financed business ventures in Albania - these are examples of "Venture-based Learning" (VBL) projects launched by teenagers under Peter Han's mentorship.  Join us to explore the 5 incredible ways VBL projects develop capability and character in both youth and adults and how you might implement VBL projects in your school as a course, a club, a conference or a competition.


Peter Han focused on biology at Brown University and on Organizational Development at UCLA. He has over 20 years experience consulting for large corporations, having trained professionals and executives in innovation, leadership and communication skills in over 15 countries. Peter's passion for the last seven years is mentoring youth to develop 21st Century Skills and Character by solving real-world problems through “Venture-based Learning” (VBL) projects. Peter has worked with several schools in the US and overseas to implement VBL. He has served on the Board of Trustees for two independent schools and on the Advisory Board for Stanford University’s d Loft STEM education program. Also, he served as a Catalyst Coach for Stanford University’s Design Thinking Action Lab. Peter has spoken widely in the USA and internationally to educators, parents, youth and industry leaders on the topics of youth-led social innovation, Venture-based learning, the fast changing job market, and the importance of developing creative character. He has spoken at TEDxSugarland, TEDxYouth@Taipei, Young Women’s Leadership Challenge, Destination Imagination Global Finals and numerous other events.  Currently, Peter serves as a member of the high school science faculty and a mentor for social entrepreneurship at The Woodlands Christian Academy. He can be reached at