Love Wins "Be Courageous, Be Humble, Be Kind - Love Will Win Every Time"

School bullying is a reality that cannot be changed. It happens every day and 1 in every 3 children will be a target of school bullying at some point during their school years. Legislation can be written, anti-bullying programs can be utilized, and we can say no to bullying all we want, but realistically, it is a problem that cannot and probably will not ever be erased. However, we CAN intervene and we CAN help to reduce the adverse effects of school-age bullying through showing students how to live compassionately, confidently, humbly, and by providing a safe haven for students to share their stories and build positive, long-lasting relationships. With the right mentors, we can help victims be academically, socially, and emotionally successful raising their self-efficacy and feelings of self-worth.

I was a victim of bullying and it spanned decades, not just years. With the right help later in life, I was able to move past the scars that years of bullying left on my self-esteem and self confidence. Had I had the help in my formative teen years, the struggles I had as a young adult might have been reduced.


Tien Davis is a 38-year old, widowed mother of two. She has just finished her 12th year in education and her 3rd with Lamar Consolidated ISD. She received her Bachelors of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from the University of Houston graduating summa cum laude and with College of Business honors. She is also finishing her Masters in Education in Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University with graduation pending the completion of her counseling practicum. She is the reigning International Ms. Texas 2016 and is focusing her year on raising awareness on the long-term adverse effects of bullying and how we can help our students and children overcome them.