Highlighting the "T" in sTem Education

Why is there so much talk about STEM education? Isn't that a topic for the science classroom and maybe Career and Technology? Do you really know what the "T" is? If you say "of course I know what the "T" is!", then congratulations. Be ready to learn even more about the "T" with us. However, if you are not really sure about the"T" or you think that the "T" is an old issue that has been dealt with, here is your opportunity to learn about the real "T". Whether you are six or ninety-nine, the "T" can rock your world so prepare to have a good time in this session with the "T".


Karla Koop began her teaching career in 1982 with Spring Independent School District in Houston, Texas as a Visual Arts teacher. Interests in digital arts began with the introduction of the Commodore Amiga in 1985. As a lifetime maker, she continued to pursue creation on the computer until 2000 when she began work on her Masters in Education focusing on Instructional Technology at the University of Houston. In 2005 her career moved full time into the technology field as an Instructional Technology Specialist in public education. In 2015, Karla retired from public education to pursue a full time passion for creating, joined by Mary Jones, forming the company MaKr U, LLC. Her background as a studio artist and her love of tinkering has come full circle into an exciting endeavor of bringing a makerspace on wheels to dreamers, designers, creators and builders of all ages.

Mary Jones began teaching in Cameron, LA in 1981 as a 1st grade teacher. Over the next 33 years, she taught in Ponca City, OK, Houston ISD and Spring ISD. Over the years, she taught all grades K-8 and every content area. Her teaching career intersected the technology field in 2003, when Spring ISD created ITech positions on campuses. Once bitten by the tech bug, she wove technology into every subject area she taught. She spent the last years of her teaching experience serving as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Spring. Mary retired in 2015 from public education to fully pursue a passion project of creating a makerspace where learners of all ages can dream, make and build.