Leadership Amidst Change: 

Redefining High School and how we educate Millennials is more than just changing pedagogy; it is changing the very structure of school. How do we think of time? How do we "grant" credit? How should we incorporate technology as an instructional tool? How do we assess student learning? How do we define success? We struggle with these questions because we are entrenched in the ideals of how school has always been, instead of embracing how school could be. Designing a high school around student interests, providing programming that will allow students to explore, experiment, and hone their talents and gifts, while providing the social, emotional, and academic support that is needed to ensure rigorous, relevant and engaging opportunities to learn will allow the Millennial generation to flourish.


Donna Ullrich is a transformational instructional leader with twenty-six years of experience in diverse school districts across north Houston.  She has had opportunities and experiences that have enabled her to thrive in the field of educational leadership. As a collaborative problem solver, she works with teams of teachers, parents, students and business partners to create environments that enable students to develop the skills needed to be competitive in the global market. Through her experiences as a middle school teacher, secondary assistant principal, and principal at middle school, 5A and 6A high schools, Donna as had the privilege of leading teachers and students through the process of designing instruction that increases student engagement and increases learning for all students.