Read Like a Writer. Write Like a Reader  

Reading and writing are parallel activities: one reinforces and deepens the power of the other. Reading helps students develop mental warehouses--places where they can store images, experiences, language and ideas. Writing becomes the vehicle by which they transmit those pictures and reflections to others and to future generations. This workshop will explore the reading/writing connection and provide specific strategies and lessons that engage students in pre-, during and post- reading and writing learning activities that encourage student self-reflection and self-evaluation. The goals include ways to: help educators understand college and career ready expectations for reading and writing, decrease the achievement gap, increase reading and writing proficiency, improve performance on AP, SAT and ACT tests and create lifelong readers and writers.


For almost thirty years, Lynne Dozier taught English Language Arts, Creative, Practical Writing and Advanced Placement Language and Composition classes at Klein Forest High School. She also served as ELA Department Chair and Coordinator of Grants, Community Relations and Advanced Academic Programs. She earned a Bachelor's Degree with majors in English, Art and Psychology at Southeast Missouri State and a Master's Degree in Literacy Education at University of Houston; she is a Literacy Specialist (K-12) and holds lifetime Gifted and Talented certification. Throughout her career as an educator/writer/researcher, she has received several awards. Her publications include many articles and poetry in a variety of publications including: THE ENGLISH JOURNAL, POET magazine, ENGLISH IN TEXAS, THE HOUSTON FREE PRESS, and GETTING THE KNACK: 20 POETRY WRITING EXERCISES, edited by Dr. William Stafford and Dr. Stephen Dunning. 

When she retired in June, 2011, she completed a guide to writing, THE WRITER'S VOICE: LESSONS IN COMPOSITION, and dedicated it to the student writers in her classroom whose "voices" made the lessons in our book possible. Klein Forest High School honored her commitment to students by designating a pre-AP/AP student study area in the library as the "Lynne Dozier Logic Lounge." Lynn continues to serve teachers and students as a volunteer on the Klein ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors, director of a mentoring program for her church, and several committees, and as a writing consultant with D&L Global Consulting, Inc.