The professional, nonprofit and charitable 501(c)(3) organization, “Transforming Education and Changing History” (TEACH), was created by a group of local educators and business partners with the mission to transform the institution of education through training, protocols of best practice and resources that change the work of leadership, instruction and advisement. With involvement from elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, and in partnership with business and industry professionals, the TEACH organization will help transform the culture of education so that all students can identify and nurture their natural talents and graduate equipped with the skills necessary to contribute in a global society.

“We need to prepare students for their future, not our past.”
— Ian Jukes

Why transforming education and changing history is important

  • Robert Marzano states that "teachers must move beyond teaching content to teaching students how to learn, that is, find and evaluate content, connect with prior learning and use that knowledge to solve authentic problems." The TEACH organization and its members will design a blueprint for transforming education focused on teaching students how to learn.
  • The TEACH organization will also provide training and will develop resources that will change the course of history on how leadership supports instruction, how instruction prepares students for college and career in the 21st Century and how advisement guides students to making appropriate decisions on post-secondary education and careers of the future.