Cultural Intelligence

Now, more than ever before, is the opportunity for schools to address the reality of bias, stereotyping, and cultural differences.  As classrooms are becoming more diverse, cultural intelligence is an essential component of a successful school.  Professional development in this area must be provided to serve our students appropriately.  In these workshop sessions, participants will discuss the importance of cultural intelligence and the best practices for creating a culturally intelligent environment.

Launch Presentation:  60-90 min session

  • Introduce TEACH and ourselves
  • Pillar Overview
  • Take Cultural Intelligence Survey
  • Analyze Results Rubric
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • “What can we offer?”

Deeper Dive Presentation:  2, 3 or 6-hour sessions (All information from 60-90 minute session included)

  • The Importance of Cultural Intelligence
  • Definition of Terms
  • Describing the Environment
  • Action Planning
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