Creating Successful Learning Communities Through Global Intelligence/ 21st Century Skills

Administrators and educators will analyze 5 Pillars of Success survey data to determine strengths and areas to strengthen to create an action plan for successful professional and student learning communities utilizing Global Intelligence Skills (global communication, global learning, teamwork, and collaboration, initiative, and perseverance skills.)

Launch Presentation: 60-90 min session

  • Introduce TEACH and Ourselves
  • Pillar Overview
  • Take Global Success Skills Survey
  • Analyze Results Rubric
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • “What we can offer”

Deeper Dive Presentations: 2, 3 or 6 hour sessions (All information from 60-90 minute session included)

  • Comparing Collaboration to Teamwork
  • Attributes of Successful and Effective Student Learning Communities (SLC) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Key Principles of Guiding Work from Simple Groups to True SLC’s and PLC’s.
  • Communication Skills: Developing Active Listeners and Active Participants
  • Developing and Expanding Critical Thinking Skills
  • Alignment in Collaborative PLC/SLC Teams
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